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"A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful" -Karl Kraus


Cullen is aging well

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Sailor Jupiter for Chelsey Holeman’s Sailor Moon 50 Twitter Collab!  Jupiter and Mars were always my favorites growing up.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to draw her in street clothes or her senshi uniform, so I did both!  Threw some transparent .pngs in for your dragging enjoyment. ;)

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Your protagonist and antagonist are sitting next to each other on a ten hour long plane ride with no inflight entertainment. How do they amuse themselves? Who gets the armrest? Will someone get airsick?

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I don’t know why people is still following this blog but really they still do. I have been totally missing in action for a long time. Mostly because of university and IRL stuff. Now I can proudly say that I have graduated with a bachelors degree!

Now I just need to sort the other things in life out >_>

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